How We Helped a B2C SaaS Company Go From $0 to +$3.5m in Revenue With SEO-Focused Content

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We started with this B2C SaaS client in January 2021. At the start of this partnership, the client had almost no blog content on the website (and, therefore, no authority with Google).

Because of this and the competitiveness of the health space, we started with highly educational content that targeted long-tail keywords aligned with the solutions and features their product offered their ideal customers.

Once the contract was extended, and the number of posts per month expanded (4 briefs per month to 8 briefs per month) - we were able to round out the strategy across the buyer journey (BoFu, MoFu, & ToFu).

Because our strategy research starts with their ICP data and internal SMEs' knowledge within the space, we’re able to help them create content that ranks highly on the search engine, AND can be naturally used to supplement other distribution channels - giving the client more value for each piece of content that’s created.

Below are the conversion values associated with ONLY the blog content on the website.

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