How Ten Speed Helped This B2B SaaS Company 2x Organic Traffic with ICP-Centric Content

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This Series B, B2b SaaS client is in the highly competitive project management space.

Instead of creating 50 to 100 SEO-focused articles per month like some of their biggest competitors, they asked us to help them with a plan for a more targeted approach to growth.

Their head of product marketing and their CEO began our partnership by emphasizing a strong desire to target an ICP they were specifically interested in.

They knew the ICP well. They had already surveyed and interviewed them for pain points, for product solutions, for goals, for industry and business type.

They onboarded us into all that data, and together our strategists developed a roadmap that both teams were excited about and helped us 2x their organic traffic over the first 12 months of the engagement.

Our keyword strategy was niche, long-tail, and focused only on ICP-specific terms. This meant that we were able to prioritize:

  • The use of product marketing assets within the content (videos, screenshots, CTAs)
  • The repurposing and distribution of the content across multiple channels
  • The inclusion of SME and a unique POV
  • Speaking the language of their target audience

And our experienced SEO team members and writers made sure that the content, infused with all of the above bullets, was optimized in a way that would take their content to the top of the SERPs.

In fact, we've seen an increase of 2,000 keywords ranked in the top 10 positions of Google since the start of our engagement, and we've almost 2x'd the number of keywords in positions 1-3.

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