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Content optimization is too often overlooked, is difficult to hire for the expertise required, and even when done in-house, leaves significant opportunity on the table.

A full-funnel organic growth to blog content can be transformative for companies, yet only a small percentage go all in on it due to limitations in bandwidth and resources.

Ten Speed exists to bring the deep expertise and high-quality tactical implementation to companies that otherwise couldn’t pursue content optimization & organic growth.

We have a lot of experience.

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Why we started Ten Speed.

I spent more than 8 years at Sprout Social, starting as the first marketer.

In my time time there, I helped build and scale the inbound engine and a large portion of the marketing team that powered the revenue growth from $100k to $100m in ARR.

Our biggest channel for traffic, leads, and revenue was organic search and a big part of that growth happened on the blog.

Kevin joined my team in 2014 as the Head of SEO and was responsible for leading a lot of the strategies that continued to scale our organic performance for the next 5 years.

In that time, we learned every lesson you could imagine from technical SEO, site structure, AMP, schema, UX, categorization, post layouts, content strategy, research, competitive analysis, CTAs, hiring freelancers, measuring success, and so much more.

Not many people have the opportunity to scale a blog to over 1 million visitors per month that also generates millions in new MRR every year. We were fortunate.

I took these learnings and applied it in my consulting with SaaS companies, helping them to scale organic performance. Kevin went on to be the VP of Marketing for ReviewTrackers where he took their flat organic traffic and doubled it in one year.

Through numerous conversations, we narrowed in on the fact our level of experience and expertise is typically limited to large companies that can afford to hire teams of 5-50 people to focus on SEO & content.

However, there is still a lot of opportunity for smaller companies to benefit from solid organic growth strategies, even if they can't afford to hire top-notch talent.

We decided to create an agency that can bring a wealth of experience to smaller teams for less than what it would cost to hire a full-time role in-house.

So in 2020, we launched Ten Speed.

- Nate Turner, Co-founder & CEO

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