138% Traffic Value Growth For Range.co

Team collaboration and coordination software
Organic Traffic Growth
in 10 months
Traffic Value Growth
In 10 months
Keywords in Positions 1-10
in 10 months

We began working with Range in February 2022. Our team was brought on as their company leadership began an overall ramp up of their investments into content marketing and SEO.

Our strategy focused primarily on capturing more organic traffic from the middle of the funnel while balancing those topic clusters with top of funnel and bottom funnel as needed to target the broader buyer's journey.

It should be noted that a key part of the success with the MoFu content was having access to an in-house team with intimate knowledge of their industry and their competitor's tools.

This meant building out two primary types of content:

1 - Best software listicles, best alternatives to the competitors listicles, and vs pages

2 - "How-to" articles around the pain points addressed by their product's many features and integrations


The key results our two teams achieved include overall organic traffic growth to the website, overall traffic value growth, and significantly greater brand visibility across the industry and product related SERPs.

By targeting the middle of the funnel, we were able to leverage Range's already established authority in this space to quickly outrank their competitors for the lucrative "money" terms that are often only achieved by running paid ads. In addition, clustering ToFu, MoFu, and BoFu topics around product features and their ICP's JTBD led to an increased level of depth and breadth that Google rewarded us for as we signaled an even greater level of authority in these spaces.

The result was growing organic traffic to the site from ~20,000 people per month to ~40,000 people per month in our initial engagement.

That traffic value, based on the keywords and top positions we were able to achieve are estimated to be worth $42k per month. That's nearly 3x the starting value of their organic keyword profile of $15k.

All of this growth that leads to downstream impacts on trial sign-ups, CAC, as well as continued nurture activities comes from ranking in the top 10 positions for a greater array of important keywords. When we started the engagement, Range had 249 keywords ranked in the top 3 and 1109 keywords ranked in positions 4-10. After just 10 months of content marketing consultation and content creation, Range now has 962 keywords ranked in the top 3 and 2,327 keywords ranked in positions 4-10 - more than 2x the traffic and search visibility they started with.

These numbers represent a growing percent of mindshare and brand recognition for customers searching for solutions that Range offers via their product an in-house expertise.

"The Ten Speed team is very knowledgeable about content marketing. They're willing to take suggestions, and they're fast at creating well-researched and authoritative content. Highly recommend!"

- Josh Spilker, Director of Content

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