Attacking MoFu topics for 509% organic traffic growth in 6 months with Stable

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Organic Traffic Growth
in 6 months
Traffic Value Growth
in 6 months
Keywords in Positions 1-10
in 6 months

Unique business like Stable offer several advantages from a strategy perspective. Here is how we aggressively started our SEO and content strategy with Stable to get us on the right mix of short and long-term growth.

Our initial plan started with our proven method of targeting middle of the funnel topics that include:

  • Best x software for which Stable belongs in the category
  • Alternative software listicles for Stable competitors
  • In-depth how-to articles related to the solutions that Stable provides it's customers
  • Location-based, "Need to know" articles

Stable's customers are often subject to different laws based on their locations. This gives them another wide range of educational content topics to target that have high, predictable search volumes that are directly related to the use of their product.

The continued implementation of this strategy ensures current demand is captured for prospects with a high intent to make a purchase. Additionally, the "How to" and "Need to know" formats allow for a natural way to bridge the initial short-term strategy with a longer-term one that focuses further up the funnel as our partnership continues and their content program starts to mature.


The result of targeting keyword topics in the middle of the funnel has been relatively rapid growth in organic traffic. This happens as it leverages their authority in the space by going after longtail, high-traffic keywords. These initial results allow for compounding traffic gains as more content ranking means more people on the website and the natural growth of keywords, rankings, and backlinks over time.

To this point, organic traffic from January until now has grown from 2,700 visitors per month to nearly 16,500 organic visitors per month (+509%)

Middle of the funnel keyword topics are often the "money" topics because they represent people who are comparison shopping right now. One of the key benefits for Stable when it came to targeting these topics was winning ranking positions for some of their most expensive keywords.

Their traffic value went from an estimated $2,160.00 per month to $11,920.00 per month (+451%).

Both of these data points were made possible by not only ranking keywords but expanding the number of keywords we were ranking for in positions 1-10 on the SERP.

In 6 months, Stable went from 653 keywords to 972 keywords ranked in the top 10 positions.

These numbers represent growing brand interactions prospects are having with Stable and all from producing 4 blogs posts per month.

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