How Partnered with Ten Speed to Grow Sitewide Traffic by 100k Users/Mo.

Project Management Software
Organic Traffic Growth
in 14 months
Traffic Value Growth
in 14 months
Keywords in Positions 1-10
in 14 months is in the project management space, where its competitors fight aggressively for top spots in the SERPs.

To deliver the best results, we took a two-pronged approach to the initial SEO strategy:

  1. We began the engagement by updating existing content that had decayed since the start of the year, prioritizing their middle and bottom-of-the-funnel performance topics.
  1. For new content creation opportunities, their team approached us with a request to stay aggressively focused on a single ICP. This specificity allowed our strategists to avoid generic ToFu topics where their competitors have over-indexed importance and instead target longer-tail, higher-relevancy topics.

This gave our team the ability to:

  • Win back traffic for existing content quickly and help re-evaluate and update their CTAs
  • Position the product-led content we created in a way that spoke specifically to how software benefits a specific audience
  • Recommend product marketing assets to be included in the content to demonstrate value
  • Build large topic clusters (content hubs) for authority to rank the content
  • Move quickly and publish at a competitive volume (Averaging 12 pieces per month) to gain greater visibility and traction in SERPs

For this engagement, used the following services package with an additional project-based option:

  • Content strategy and ongoing roadmaps
  • Existing content updates to regain traffic on key topics
  • Content brief and optimized blog creation
  • Ebook/lead magnet creation
  • Project-based, scalable, templatized page creation

In addition to traditional blog content, our team created a specific subfolder of scalable, templatized pages that were cost-effective to build. This optimized short-form content provided significant reach in a space that aligns with their audience's JTBD.


The combination of existing content updates and building content that targets a specific company type has resulted in consistent traffic growth and visibility in the area they want to be the go-to authority.

Overall, our teams have seen traffic to the website increase from ~177,500 organic visitors per month to ~273,000 organic visitors per month (+53%). traffic growth chart

As paid acquisition metrics become a more important benchmark for SaaS companies, and more expensive, we closely monitor the potential value of the keywords we’re winning for our clients. monthly traffic value graph

Since July 2022, has seen keyword value/month growth from an estimated $275,000 to $436,000 per month. number of keyword rankings in positions 1-10 graph

In’s highly competitive space, winning the fight for visibility means ranking content in positions 1-10 on the SERPs. Monitoring content performance to date, we’ve seen an overall increase in the number of keywords in vital positions rise from ~4,600 to ~9,850 queries.

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