February 2021

How we helped Visible accelerate their organic growth

We joined up with the Visible team who was already growing organic traffic by ~15% YoY and helped them grow faster through content consolidation, on-page optimization, and a strong topic development framework.


Content optimization & new content guidance

Organic Traffic

Increase in 8 months

Organic Leads

Increase in 8 Months

Organic Traffic

Increase YoY


Before bringing Ten Speed, Visible's website traffic and trial numbers were stagnant and unpredictable. They knew that SEO and organic search would be a key lever for the business, but had yet to fully unlock its potential.

In the past they had brought on contractors for short stints that would point them in the right direction but the conversation would stop there. They would publish a new shiny piece of content only to realize it would go stagnant or decline within the first few months. 

Prior to Ten Speed, Visible had a very rigid SEO process. They had always invested heavily in building great content but struggled to get it in front of the audience they believe it deserved. They had a list of keywords they knew they could rank for, would write a post, and push it live. They would see an immediate spike in traffic but would immediately come back down to reality. 

What we did

1. We analyzed the data and identified content decay in some of Visible's existing content, so we started by addressing those areas first.

2. We gave guidance on how to consolidated and/or optimize a few of the impacted blog posts each month for the first couple of months, which led to some really strong traffic growth and increased the total number of keywords the content ranks for.

3. We also made some recommendations on how to modify CTAs within the blog posts to drive more conversions from the traffic Visible was already getting.

4. From there, we expanded the engagement to continue optimizing existing content and also started creating content briefs for new content each month to expand the number of topics covered on the blog and further increase their reach and awareness.


The combination of addressing decay in existing content and providing guidance on new content was the right solution to accelerate Visible's organic growth and not only increase traffic and rankings, but also increased consistency and predictability to their free trial signups from organic search.

Since working with Ten Speed, organic users to the Visible website has more than doubled in 8 months and tripled YoY. Organic traffic to the blog has also more than doubled.

We’ve set up a great system with Visible where we help grow their traffic and leads while allowing the Visible team to stay focused on the day-to-day of growing the business and other marketing activities.

"When you’re growing things are fun. When you’re doubling previous highs things are awesome.

The entire Visible team has rallied around the marketing efforts led by Ten Speed as we watch new metric highs roll in every month.

Personally, it has made me a better overall marketer. Working with Ten Speed truly feels like we have organic (and overall marketing) experts on our team that we can lean on and learn from."

Matt Preuss, Marketing Manager @