Skyrocketing Workvivo’s traffic value to $54,000+/month in 12 months by targeting mid-funnel, product-led content

Employee Experience Platform
Organic Traffic Growth
in 12 months
Traffic Value Growth
in 12 months
Keyword in Positions 1-10
in 12 months

Workvivo is an employee experience platform that amplifies culture and engagement in the workplace. In December 2022, we joined forces with their marketing team to help grow their organic content engine’s overall performance, focusing on increasing qualified traffic and a more consistent pipeline.

To start, we conducted a decay audit on the existing site and content. Our initial diagnosis found:

  • Non-brand traffic drove the bulk of decay, which resulted in a ~45% decrease in clicks over the six months before our engagement started
  • A significant amount of their traffic was driven by brand terms and not the non-brand terms associated with the educational content that focused on their ICP’s needs
  • Their website already had significant authority, making ranking for a wide range of MoFu and BoFu topics possible in the short term

After our initial research was completed, we prioritized our strategy on maximizing business performance by refreshing their highest-performing existing content that had been experiencing decay. At the same time, we built a roadmap to target high-intent topics for net-new content missing from the middle of their funnel.

Over the first few months, the new MoFu content created gained quick traction, as we initially predicted, due to the built-up authority of the website. Workvivo expanded their non-brand keywords, while also hitting short-term goals on both traffic and conversions.

In the next phase, we pushed heavily into exhausting MoFu topics (listicles, how-to’s, and product-led articles that we could tie directly to the product and its feature solutions).

As the engagement progressed, we expanded our efforts to update their existing ToFu content. These topics, while having lower intent, were addressed to signal to users and Google that improvements were happening not just to a few key pages, but to the quality of the blog and content sitewide. This is an important aspect of balancing the optimization health and the needs of the business since sitewide neglect can start to drag down the performance of otherwise well-optimized content.

As of today, we’ve created a balanced roadmap and approach that continues to prioritize maintaining existing content across all stages of the funnel, including the top (long-term and sustaining growth) while continuing to push into new, longer-tail topics. This is a fairly standard product-out or bottom-up content strategy.

Results and Approach

By prioritizing the health of the existing content on their website and pushing into lower-traffic but higher-intent topics, we’ve created a strong foundation for long-term site health and traffic growth.

The results over the first year have been a near doubling of monthly organic traffic to the site from ~10,600 visitors to ~18,900 visitors (+78%).

Workvivo organic traffic growth graph over 12 months

The estimated monthly value of that traffic based on CPC values for our ranking non-brand queries has also nearly doubled, going from ~$28,600 to ~$54,500 per month (+90%).

Workvivo organic traffic value growth graph over 12 months

As discussed in the diagnosis above, we were able to drive these initial results by expanding the number of non-brand keywords associated with their content and ranking in the top 10 positions of Google’s search engine results pages (SERPs) from 507 queries to 1006 queries (+98%).

Workvivo top 10 keyword growth graph over 12 months

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Learn more about these results and 
how Ten Speed helps PLG SaaS companies 
like yours hit their marketing goals.