Updating existing content and accelerating production for 133% traffic growth in <12 months

Live Chat and Customer Support Software
Organic Traffic Growth
in < 12 months
Traffic Value Growth
in < 12 months
Keywords in Positions 1-10
+ 148%
in < 12 months

This client contacted us to help scale content production, and also aid in developing an SEO-focused strategy that would build on their initial foundation. 

To achieve this, we focused on 4 core areas based on their internal bandwidth and the stage of their content program. These areas were:

  1. Identifying content decay and previously high-performing articles to prioritize updates of their most valuable existing posts
  1. Creating a workflow that supported the needs of the internal team, holding both parties accountable to timelines, and establishing open lines of communication
  1. Using a variety of tactics to scale collaboration and synthesize SME information that accommodated both teams’ schedules and workflow demands
  1. Tackled topics ranging from MoFu listicles to pain point-focused keywords that aligned the product/service, the ICP, and the content

Over the first six months, we were able to prove the effectiveness of our recommended strategy through the above actions, which meant the two-person content team was able to receive additional resources to move from 4 blogs a month to 10 blogs a month.

In addition to more content, we expanded services to support their team with link building and creating social copy for the articles we produced. Additionally, because of the initial success of the program, their team was able to justify the budget to hire a full-time, in-house editor to interface with our production team.

All of these resources and results allowed our strategists and their content manager to align on a much more robust, long-term roadmap aimed at building their authority within the customer support software space.

Over time, our foundational support resulted in the team expanding to 5 full-time in-house content team members.


Within the first 12 months of this engagement, there were strong leading indicators to prove that what we had initially done was moving the company in the right direction.

The combination of regular updates to existing content and the expansion into article topics they had the web authority to create produced consistent organic traffic growth.

Overall, our teams saw overall traffic to the website go from ~13,500 organic visitors per month to ~34,000 organic visitors per month (+133%).

The estimated value of the keywords we targeted and won showcases the most significant value growth of this case study. Over the initial year, we grew keyword value from an estimated $106,000 per month to $250,000 per month.

This level of keyword value is created by targeting and ranking for terms that have a proven history of conversion value amongst the competitors in this space.

Within the first year, we went from ~550 keywords ranked in the top 10 positions to 1,382 keywords appearing at the top of the SERPs.

The initial success of the SEO program, plus the additional in-house resources this client invested in, makes us positive that a well-rounded, fully-scaled content marketing program is just around the corner for them.

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