Turn organic search into 
a predictable, revenue-generating channel.

Every website, vertical, and stage of growth is unique and requires different things to keep growing. With full-service SEO, we tailor your strategy to what we know will have the highest impact now AND in the future to build a channel you can depend on.

“With Ten Speed, it truly feels like we have organic experts on our team.”
- Matt Preuss, Visible

SEO, demystified.

Checking the "SEO box" won't drive business results. You want more than just clicks and impressions, so you need a partner who deeply understands your audience and pairs those insights with content and SEO expertise.

Smiling member of ten speed

​​”Successful SEO strategies require more than simple keyword analysis. We find opportunities for organic growth throughout the funnel and across your website, then support you with custom content designed to attract both humans and algorithms.”

Kevin King
Co-founder, Ten Speed

Your outsourced SEO team that feels in-house.

Ten Speed feels in-house because we’ve been in-house. We align with your in-house marketing motion and deeply understand your ICP. Deliverables? We’re all over it. In fact, most of our clients rely on us to project-manage them, not the other way around.

With Ten Speed, you get:

ICP-focused strategies to attract the right prospects to your site.

Increased bandwidth for your team to work on key initiatives.

Drives marketing and sales outcomes that actually matter.

A custom plan that grows with you.

You wouldn’t expect an in-house team to create a plan and then blindly execute against it for 12-18 months, so why tolerate it with an agency partner? 

Our proposal process uncovers opportunity and helps us align on the right scope, but the flexibility of our agreements creates space for tactics and areas of focus to shift as necessary over the course of our engagement.

We can handle all aspects of what you’ll need to build your organic channel.

Work With Us


We build an ICP-focused strategy that aligns with your overall marketing goals and is prioritized for impact.


Every three months, we analyze your competitors, your vertical, the health of your existing content and performance.

Content Briefs

Every content brief is researched by our team to deeply understand the search intent and how to make the piece stand out against all others.

Content Creation

Our best-in-class editorial process ensures the content we create isn’t just for SEO; it will be some of the best content on your site.


We comb through your site monthly to identify ways to optimize existing content, document it for transparency, then implement the work for you in your CMS.


We analyze your site and set up monitoring to identify issues affecting site speed, crawling, and anything else standing in the way of performance.


Getting optimized content live on your website and keeping it updated takes a lot of work. We build out content and make optimizations directly in your CMS so you don’t have to.


We offer a live dashboard tied to your GSC and GA data. Plus, we create monthly reports designed to allow you to show progress to your leadership team.


Execution is everything. We project manage your team, communicate every step of the way, and keep everything moving.

Spiking performance, not glucose.

From a Domain Authority in the 20s and only a few blog posts to a flourishing website and consistent, revenue-generating content program in less than two years.


organic visits/mo


influenced revenue


direct revenue

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a content strategy?

Everything we do starts with understanding your users, buyers, and audience and the unique value you provide them that enables them to solve the problems they have. This foundation enables us to create educational content that helps them answer their most pressing questions, while also exposing them to your unique point of view and expertise. At the same time they are exposed to your product, its features, and can make a better decision on whether it’s right for them.

What is “optimized” content?

To give content the best chance to be seen by your audience, each topic is researched by our team of strategists. Search volume, keywords, other competitive content, and the intent behind why someone looks for certain terms are taken into consideration and mapped to the content in a structured way during our production process. Conversion elements, internal linking, and on-page factors are also added to build your audience’s awareness of your product, educate them, and drive conversions.

Do you update and optimize existing content?

Yes. Often, your existing blog has content that can be refreshed to reclaim lost traffic, better align with your audience, or more fully cover the topic. We also look at on-page improvements - things like capturing featured snippets, internal and external linking, CTA’s, and more.

How do I know if I’m ready to start an organic program?

We partner with SaaS companies from preseed to series C and beyond. In general, we’re most successful when these companies have at least one marketer, a good grasp of their ICP(s) and audience, and the value their product specifically provides. Other considerations are whether SEO and content will be your only marketing channel - having multiple marketing channels helps enhance the effectiveness of organic content, while also lifting those other channels at the same time.

How quickly do you get started?

We start working on your content strategy immediately, and deliver our first topic roadmap two weeks after kickoff. From there, once the roadmap is approved, we deliver our first piece of content within 3 weeks. We’re biased towards publishing content early, so we can get data back to better inform the strategy over time.

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Give Ten Speed the keys and we’ll handle everything from technical and onsite to content and link building.


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Figure out exactly where you have opportunity to improve and how to do it.

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