Building 14 MoFu/Bofu Content Pieces Influencing $1M+ in Revenue

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This partner came to us looking to use SEO & content marketing to drive more qualified traffic to the website. With almost no blog content on the site at the start of the engagement, we focused our attention on capturing demand across the middle and bottom of the funnel.

This meant targeting prospects who were solution and product aware. In an SEO campaign, this meant building out various content types, such as:

MoFu Explainers

  • How to use [product type] to achieve [solution]
  • Why to use [product type] to achieve [solution]

MoFu Lists 

  • Best products in [category] for [solution]
  • Best companies in [category] for [solution]
  • Gift guide for [desired result]
  • Alternatives to [competitor service or product]]
  • Price of [competitor service or product]

BoFu Lists

  • [X] company vs [Y] company
  • [Y] company vs [Z] company
  • [A] product vs [B] product
  • [A] product type vs [B] product type

We were able to help this client build 14 pieces of content that allowed their users to compare product specs, prices, and uses on their own. 

Not only does this content receive consistent organic traffic via search engine rankings, but it also provides a strong resource across various cross-functional teams and distribution channels.

Below are the manually pulled numbers from GA for the vs. and blog topics targeting the bottom of the funnel.

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