Episode 17

Content Repurposing to Distribute Your Best Content Forever

Derek Flint, Nate Turner

In This Episode:

Nate and Derek return to the Content That Grows podcast with an episode about the art of repurposing and distributing content.

In this episode, they explore the myriad of ways content repurposing benefits a team's marketing efforts, ways to think about breaking down blogs & videos, and metrics to evaluate/shape your distribution campaigns.

Key moments in the conversation:

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Why Is Content Repurposing So Valuable? 


How to Think About Choosing Your Distribution Channels


Scalable Processes to Break Down Content Into Social Posts


How Many Social Posts Can You Create From a Single Blog Post?


Content Repurposing Is Not ONLY About Your Old Content


Approaching Metrics Around Your Content Distribution


Pitfalls Content Teams Make Around Distribution Efforts

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