Episode 12

Strategies for Identifying Content Topics & Search Intent

Derek Flint & Nate Turner

In this episode

Nate and Derek team up in episode 12 to talk about choosing content topics that will resonate with your target audience and ultimately grow your business.

In this episode, the conversation covers the many ways in which effective SEOs and content marketers think about topics that satisfy customers' needs and how they leverage algorithms and tools to help ensure those topics work together to increase rankings in the SERPs.

Key moments in the conversation:

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Effective starting points for choosing your initial content topics


Topic research closer to your product/ICP vs from a keyword research tool


How aligning on topic themes gives teams unity plus creative freedom


How to think about building clusters of related content topics


Interpreting Google Search Console data to inform content topic choices


Organizing your website for like topics based on user experience


How search intent is used to create the content someone is looking for


Common pitfalls content team run into when selecting topics

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