Episode 45

Scaling Multiple Content Programs for PLG SaaS Startups

Jakub Rudnik

In this episode

We're joined this week by Jakub Rudnik, Director of Content Marketing at ActiveCampaign, to talk about his experiences scaling multiple content programs for startups (Scribe, G2, and now ActiveCampaign).

This episode is packed with substance and candid, honest responses ranging from what it takes to scale, hurdles you'll face, and how different startups have measured success for Jakub's teams over the years.

Key moments in the conversation:

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Defining "scale" and timelines


Hurdles all content programs face to achieving scale


Keeping leadership satisfied in the early stages


Creating 100s of pieces per month and addressing decay


Maintaining voice and style at a fast pace


How ActiveCampaign, Scribe, and G2 defined marketing success

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