Episode 14

Leveling up Your SaaS Content From Good to Great

Raven Haynes, Nate Turner

In this episode:

Nate and Raven Haynes (Content Production Manager at Ten Speed) step into episode 14 of the Content That Grows podcast to discuss the differences between good content and great content.

In this episode, they talk about needed details to boost the overall quality of content, such as using first-party data and SMEs. They also cover the importance of an effective workflow that allows marketing teams to repeatedly create higher quality content.

Key moments in the conversation:

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The Differentiators Between “Okay” Content and “Great” Content


Creating Content With a Unique Angle That Ranks


Where to Start if You’re Looking To Improve Your Existing Content


What An Effective Content Workflow Looks Like


The Best Content Comes From Detailed Content Briefs


The Essential Components to Include in an SEO Content Brief


SaaS Companies Using High-Quality Content That Fits Well With Their Product

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