Episode 57

Going Beyond the Blog in Content Marketing

Josh Palmer

In this episode

Nate Turner interviews Josh Palmer, the Head of Content for OnBoard, a board governance and collaboration platform. They discuss the growth of OnBoard over the past 12 to 24 months, with a focus on shifting from paid to organic traffic. They also explore the importance of building on an SEO foundation and expanding beyond traditional content marketing. 


  • Shifting from paid to organic traffic can lead to more sustainable and efficient growth
  • Building on an SEO foundation is crucial for content marketing success
  • Internal marketing is essential for ensuring that content assets are utilized effectively within the organization
  • Understanding the customer and product is key to developing targeted and impactful content
  • Marketers should strive to have a business mindset and understand the broader context of their organization

Key moments in the conversation:

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Overview of OnBoard and Growth


Benefits of Organic Growth


Expanding Beyond SEO


Progression of Content Marketing


Content as Fuel


Internal Marketing and Content Promotion


Adapting Plans and Building Momentum


Importance of Business Context for Marketers

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