Episode 11

Finding Your ICP to Build Better Content

Kevin King & Nate Turner

In this episode

Kevin and Nate sat down to talk about Ideal Customer Profiles (ICPs) as they relate to their significance in content marketing. This episode is packed full of advice from which internal teams/departments likely have the most information to help your marketing department understand customers to using the Jobs To Be Done framework to understand their "pain points."

Key moments in the conversation:

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Using other teams and pivoted CRM data to identify ICP data


How earlier stage SaaS companies can identify their ICPs


Ineffective persona building vs understanding the human who is reading your content


Understanding ICPs based on the Jobs To Be Done (JTBD) framework


Practical advice for getting to know your ICP's pain points


Start your content strategy with a product-led approach


What happens when you create content that isn’t focused on your ICP

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