Episode 15

Blogs and Conversions: Setting Yourself up for Success

Kevin King, Nate Turner, Derek Flint

In This Episode:

Kevin, Nate, and Derek are back to discuss the popular topic of blog posts and conversions.

In this episode, they cover everything from successful conversion types and setting up an initial blog layout that works to the process for identifying conversion opportunities on already existing content. 

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Key moments in the conversation:

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The Types of Conversions That Tend To Work Best For Blog Content


What Makes Downloadable Templates or Tools an Effective Conversion Tactic?


An Initial Blog Layout That Ensures You’re Ready To Capture and Convert Your Audience


Managing CRO and Content Publishing as You Scale Is an Evolving Process


How to Approach Creating More Effective CTAs In Your Content


Diagnosing and Approaching Content With High Traffic but Low Conversions

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