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Episode 31

Why Webflow Is a Great Platform for SEO

Derek Flint & Nate Turner

In this episode:

In this episode, Nate and Derek discuss Webflow, the popular website-building platform/CMS with which more and more SaaS companies build their marketing sites.

They cover everything from what is leading to the excitement around this platform, the significant upsides, and even some of the quirky frustrations with this WordPress competitor.

And be sure to read our ultimate SaaS guide to Webflow and SEO if you're a SaaS company who currently is using the platform.

Key moments in the conversation:

  • 1:05 - Building our own site on Webflow
  • 5:30 - Why early-stage startups are excited about Webflow
  • 9:30 - Desired areas of platform improvement we'd like to see
  • 20:48 - What Webflow gets right from an optimized content perspective
  • 25:20 - Easily optimize your website for Mobile

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