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Episode 20

Who Is Responsible for Content Distribution?

Nate Turner, Kevin King

In This Episode:

In episode 20, Nate and Kevin explore who owns the actual responsibility for ensuring that created content is distributed.

They cover a range of points worth considering, from the complications of bringing cross-functional teams together for distribution efforts to whether we'll soon see people whose entire job function is distribution and repurposing.

Key moments in the conversation:

  • 1:02 - The organizational challenges of establishing who should own content distribution
  • 5:12 - How do you bring cross-functional teams together to execute content distribution?
  • 8:05 - Cross-functional efforts in content distribution need to operate on longer-term strategies
  • 12:52 - How to approach substantial repurposing efforts to avoid workflow disruptions
  • 17:56 - How we’re implementing content repurposing in our own marketing
  • 20:32 - Content repurposing is not just cutting up existing content, it also means creating new content
  • 22:20 - What roles often own content distribution at a company?
  • 24:50 - Will a Content Distribution Manager become a dedicated role for companies moving forward?

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