Episode 13

Topic Clustering for Better UX and Improved Rankings

Kevin King, Nate Turner, Derek Flint

In this episode:

Nate, Kevin, and Derek are transitioning the conversation from the last episode (selecting content topics) to clustering your topics in a way that best serves the users while improving organic rankings.

The discussion centers around the many benefits SaaS brands and their users experience when using what has been popularized as pillar and cluster models or wheel and spoke models. In addition, you'll hear ways you too can think about organizing your website in this way and some examples of SaaS companies who are using this strategy well.

Key moments in the conversation:

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How Topic Clusters Heighten the Overall User Experience


Why Topic Clusters Generate Better SEO Results (Rankings)


Examples of Topic Clusters You Can See In The Wild


How to Start Building Out A Topic Cluster


Determining the Number of Pillars and Clusters To Build Out

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