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Episode 48

Are we at the end of content as we know it?

Ronnie Higgins

In this episode

In this week's episode, Nate sits down with Ronnie Higgins of OpenPhone for an in-depth conversation about the current state of content marketing.

They cover a range of exciting topics like how Ronnie and OpenPhone have diversified content offerings after building an initial revenue engine, the original speech that coined the term, "Content is King" and the interesting place we're in as an industry as a result of individual creators and media company emulation.

Key moments in the conversation:

  • 2:00 - The end of content marketing as we know it...what does that mean?
  • 9:50 - What the death of B2b content looks like
  • 16:15 - The evolution of content at OpenPhone over the past two years
  • 28:37 - How to talk about investing in new channels with decreased visibility
  • 48:28 - Why the media company conversation is Ronnie's least favorite happening right now

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