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Episode 27

Improving SaaS Homepages & Conversions

Emily Kramer

In this episode:

In this episode, Nate is joined by Emily Kramer of MKT1 to talk about a common pain point for many SaaS marketers at early-stage companies - creating an effective homepage and simple website that converts.

From homepage messaging and must-have page sections to A/B testing and the type of content Emily is currently bullish on, there is plenty of excellent advice for every level of marketer.

*Referenced newsletter in this episode: How to create a more effective homepage

Key moments in the conversation:

  • 6:50 - Starting with messaging vs. design
  • 9:45 - Small iterative changes or big changes all at once
  • 17:00 - When to build out your SaaS website
  • 20:45 - Biggest mistakes companies make with homepages
  • 30:27 - Data reports, why you can and should do them
  • 36:20 - Measuring the success of marketing

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