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Episode 42

Identifying Growth Stages, Your Channels, and Hiring Well

Adam Goyette

In this episode of the Content That Grows, Nate is joined by Adam Goyette, Growth Advisor and Founder of Curdis.co, to discuss ways he helps SaaS companies find the right recipe for growth.

They discuss everything from the ways most SaaS startups initially grow to how to expand teams to hit the next phase of growth.

Key moments in the conversation:

  • 1:11 - Walking through the common stages of growth
  • 7:45 - Finding immediate opportunities for marketing
  • 13:00 - Hiring generalists vs. specialists vs. agencies
  • 19:30 - Setting up your team and company for the next growth stage
  • 23:40 - Hiring in-house vs outsourcing to agencies
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