Episode 21

How to Use Twitter as a Content Distribution Channel

Nate Turner, Derek Flint

In This Episode:

In episode 21, Nate and Derek focus on Twitter as a content distribution channel.

In this episode, they explore the quirks worth noting before you begin your distribution efforts that make Twitter a unique space, what brands use Twitter for beyond marketing, and best practices when using it as a distribution channel.

Key moments in the conversation:

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Need-to-know quirks of Twitter before using it for content distribution


Twitter offers a fluid, conversational engagement unlike the other social platforms


Twitter offers one of the best opportunities for the amplification of your posts/content


Brand profiles on Twitter have become more than solely a marketing channel


Best practices for distributing content using a personal Twitter account


Brands on Twitter have a lot to gain by offering valuable zero-click content


Practical and tactical ways to ensure successful content distribution using Twitter

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