Episode 23

How to Measure Content Distribution to Prove It’s Working

Nate Turner, Kevin King

In This Episode:

Nate and Kevin are back for episode 23 of the Content that Grows to talk about how teams can measure the effectiveness of their distribution efforts.

In this episode, they cover tools, forecasting distribution results, vanity metrics, and what measurements teams can use to validate their strategy is working.

Key moments in the conversation:

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A big challenge for measuring distribution results early on is interpreting underwhelming data


Choosing the “best” tool for measuring distribution can be overwhelming


Marketers thrive on well-understood, standardized metrics that ineffectively measure distribution 


Discussing the challenge of forecasting future results with content distribution


Incorrect assumptions we see about measuring content distribution


Rethinking the assumption that vanity metrics are useless


Content distribution metrics that validate you’re doing the right things


The importance of measuring impressions when evaluating content distribution

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