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Episode 38

How Paid, Organic, and Content Work Together

Jonathan Bland

In this episode:

In episode 38, we chatted with Jonathan Bland of Omni Lab for his expertise within the paid marketing space - particularly paid marketing/ad's role as it relates to content, non-paid opportunities, and SaaS marketing.

He shared everything from when SaaS companies should start investing in paid marketing to the assets he's most bullish on making a part of your paid strategy.

Key moments in the conversation:

  • 1:22 - The relationship between paid and non-paid marketing efforts
  • 9:11 - That's not how the paid (or any) buyer's journey works
  • 17:00 - Common challenges for teams promoting content with paid channels
  • 26:02 - Promoting product tours and contextualized demos
  • 30:30 - Recent SaaS success story/learning from a crucial shift

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