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Episode 49

Being Bullish on SEO and Content

Lauren Funaro

In this episode

This week, Nate and Lauren Funaro from Scribe sat down to discuss the why and the how behind their investment in SEO and Content this year.

In this conversation, they cover Scribe's decision to get started with an aggressive SEO strategy, what their return has been, how much content they're producing, and how they achieve high volumes with a small team + contractors.

Key moments in the conversation:

  • 0:55 - What convinced Scribe to go all-in on SEO & content
  • 6:10 - How are your different teams convening and finding alignment
  • 10:40 - How Scribe's product informs their content
  • 17:32 - SEO is about answering the question well, not creating a novel
  • 18:33 - What you'll need in place to publish consistently

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