March 15, 2024

15 Leading Content Creation Agencies for B2B SaaS Companies

Ryan Sargent
Ryan Sargent

What did you see the last time you looked at your calendar? Block after block of meetings and strategy calls and brainstorming sessions and escalations? 

Maybe, if you’re lucky, you managed to squeeze a lunch break in there somewhere, but there’s not a lot of room for heads-down time doing keyword research, crafting the perfect abandoned cart email, or hammering out a 3,000-word blog post. 

Building a team of in-house experts sounds like a great idea (think of the deep knowledge of brand messaging!), but you’ve crunched the numbers, and for a fledgling B2B SaaS startup like yours, it’s not adding up. 

Outsourcing your content is the obvious answer, but frequenting freelance marketplaces like Upwork and Fiverr can quickly prove that individual freelancers can be challenging to manage as you scale. 

What you need is a content agency: a partner that’s flexible, reliable, and scalable. Working with a SaaS content agency is less volatile than working with individual freelancers, easily adapts to your business needs, and is a sustainable long-term investment. 

Let’s take a look at 15 of the best content creation agencies that focus on product-led SEO.

1. Ten Speed

SaaS marketing agencies need to be high-delivering industry experts, and no one knows that more than Ten Speed. 

Founders Nate Turner and Kevin King built the content machine at Sprout Social from the ground up — then decided to start Ten Speed so that they could do it again and again for countless other SaaS startups. 

We’ve been in your shoes. Our team of in-house experts has lived and breathed the business model you’re in, and we know how to organically generate traffic that converts. Our emphasis on building sustainable traffic models that will accelerate revenue growth is a great fit for B2B (or B2B2C) companies with PLG models. We often work with Series A through Series C startups, but we can confidently work with companies in any stage of growth. 

Our comprehensive marketing plans don’t begin and end with a deliverable. We take a holistic approach to marketing that will bolster your business goals. Depending on the maturity of your existing content, Ten Speed’s services can include: 

  • ICP development: For seed-stage startups with fledgling marketing teams, we can help carve out your niche in the market by identifying your unique idea customer profiles.
  • Site optimization: We don’t shy away from technical SEO to keep your website at peak performance while boosting your SERP rankings.
  • Long-form content: From thought leadership to how-to guides, we’ve written it all, and we believe that high-quality long-form content remains one of the most impactful organic traffic avenues.
  • Content audits, updates, and pruning: If you’ve got a pre-existing content library, we can perform a thorough audit to identify areas for improvement where refreshes — or removal — could be helpful.
  • Monthly strategy calls: When we work together, you’ll never be left in the dark. We set up recurring meetings to discuss marketing results and ongoing strategy, dovetailing our services into your existing workflow with no friction.

Our engagements typically run between $7,000 and $20,000 per month for strategy, creation, reporting, and operations, but your price may vary depending on scope. 

2. Thrive Internet Marketing Agency

Thrive Internet Marketing Agency is more than a digital marketing agency. This award-winning agency offers everything from web design and e-commerce marketing to social media marketing and reputation management. 

With robust teams across 25 U.S. cities, they proudly work with companies of any size across any industry. The age-old adage “jack of all trades but master of none” doesn’t apply here, as Thrive Internet Marketing Agency has been around for nearly twenty years and benefits from the experience and expertise of founder Matt Bowman.

Services can include: 

  • Local SEO content: They’ll create content to help SMBs capture local search traffic.
  • Link building: Thrive develops domain authority through reliable link-building techniques.
  • Social media management: From Facebook to LinkedIn, Thrive Internet Marketing Agency can manage your social media advertising.

Pricing is tailored to your specific services, but according to Clutch, projects tend to fall between $10,000 and $49,000. If you’re looking for a full-service partner and want to spend your marketing budget in one place, Thrive Internet Marketing Agency could be the perfect fit. 

3. Animalz

For VC firms, enterprise companies, and SaaS startups, Animalz is a content marketing agency to know. Trusted by Internet megaliths like Google and Amazon as well as SaaS companies like Airtable and Intercom, Animalz offers comprehensive content marketing services designed to generate leads, establish domain authority, and win search traffic. 

Animalz keeps their pricing under wraps, but if you contact their team of experts, they’ll build you a bespoke marketing plan specific to your business initiatives. Some services you’ll enjoy when you work with them include:

  • Promotion and distribution: Under the guidance of CEO Ty Magnin, Animalz is doubling down on its distribution efforts to increase content reach. 
  • Thought leadership: Enterprise operations looking to become leading voices in their industry can count on Animalz to craft content that aligns with their unique POV.
  • Hub and spoke SEO content: To optimize keyword rankings, Animalz produces pillar content and supplementary content to build authority.

Unlike many other agencies on this list, Animalz only specializes in content marketing. With the right partner, SaaS companies can reap the benefits of integrated content marketing strategies

4. Beam

Beam leverages internal knowledge to create content that performs. Co-founders Brooklin Nash, Rebecca Nash, and Sam Hembree worked together in-house before venturing off to create Beam, a content agency that positions in-house experts at the core of every marketing campaign.

If your team lacks the bandwidth to create multifaceted content marketing pieces or struggles to connect your expertise to your audience, Beam can help. Their services include:

  • Expert-driven content: At the core of Beam’s marketing services you’ll find large-scale content pieces like editorial guides and case studies that make your profound industry knowledge accessible to your B2B target audience.
  • GTM campaigns: A 12-week GTM sprint gets your content up and running fast so that you can support your business initiatives.
  • Branded social media: Keeping your product at the forefront of your social content, Beam will strengthen brand awareness through social media marketing.

Beam customers can expect a $7,500 per month project minimum, but typical costs tend to creep up to the $10,000 to $12,000 per month mark. If you’re on the hunt for a content agency that can help fill the gaps in your existing content, consider Beam. 

5. Omniscient Digital

Co-founded by Alex Birkett, David Ly Khim, and Allie Decker, the marketing experts at Omniscient Digital focus on organic growth for late-stage startups and B2B businesses and have helped software companies like Adobe, Jasper, and Loom grow traffic and increase conversions. 

Omniscient Digital offers a variety of services, like: 

  • Content strategy: Content is only as good as its strategy, so if your existing content isn’t converting, Omniscient Digital creates content roadmaps to get you back on track.
  • Content production: Scaling companies need content at scale, and Omniscient Digital creates and repurposes content in multiple formats to extend its reach.
  • Content updates and optimization: Rather than churning out gobs of new content, they’ll update your existing content and reinforce it to target key opportunities.

For Omniscient Digital to be the right fit for your company, you’ll need to already have an established brand position and consistent messaging because they don’t offer branding development services. Plus, you can expect this to be a long-term partnership, not a one-and-done transaction. 

6. Fenwick

Content, branding, design: Fenwick does it all. The brilliant minds at Fenwick understand that for your online presence to be effective, it needs to be cohesive. Based out of New York, this creative agency was founded by Chris Gillespie, and staff includes storytellers, design ingenues, and Oxford-educated managing editor, Carina Rampelt

Fenwick has worked with B2B startups like Contently, Demandbase, and Gainsight and develops one-of-a-kind creative assets. Fenwick’s services include: 

  • Copywriting: Fenwick’s content writing takes a storytelling approach, making your unique narrative stand out in saturated markets.
  • Content strategy: Without the right strategy, even the most gripping marketing efforts can fall flat.
  • Graphic design: Making everything from infographics to e-books, Fenwick creates eye-catching assets that turn readers into business advocates.

As a boutique marketing firm, Fenwick has a limited capacity for clients, but if you’re a small business looking to take your branding to the next level, they could be a fantastic partner. Expect project pricing to begin around a $5,000 minimum. 

7. Siege Media

Siege Media founder Ross Hudgens understands that search engine optimization isn’t the ultimate goal: growth is. Fintech companies and e-commerce sites have worked with Siege Media, and with clients like Asana, HubSpot, and Zapier, it’s no surprise that this marketing company has made a name for itself in B2B SaaS.

A working relationship with Siege Media may include: 

  • Content writing: Copywriting that hooks readers and incorporates SEO best practices is crucial for content marketing success.
  • Content strategy: From road maps to title tag optimization, Siege Media can investigate and inform your strategy, skyrocketing it to new heights.
  • Digital public relations: Getting your business in front of the right people is half the battle, and Siege Media focuses on long-term visibility rather than flash-in-the-pan viral sensations.

Projects with Siege Media typically average between $50,000 and $200,000, according to Clutch. They only partner with companies whose industries have a Total Addressable Market (TAM) of $60,000 per month or higher in SEO traffic value, and 12-month contracts have 30-day exit clauses to test the waters. 

Siege Media could be the right fit for you if you’re interested in a full-service solution that keeps SEO, content creation, and PR all under one roof. 

8. Flying Cat Marketing

If you’re a U.S. brand hoping to make a splash in the United Kingdom and European markets, Flying Cat Marketing could be the answer. They were founded by Maeva Cifuentes and tout massive increases in organic traffic and associated revenue in only 12 months, making them a compelling partner for SaaS companies looking to spread their wings internationally. 

Their marketing solutions include: 

  • Content creation: Between an in-house team of experts and a network of freelance content creators, Flying Cat Marketing can quickly churn out specialized content for your industry.
  • Full-service SEO: Results-driven SEO accelerates your business acquisition organically in 18 months.
  • SEO consulting: Want to rely on your content team but don’t know what to do to move the needle? Flying Cat Marketing offers consulting, monitoring, and reporting.

A one-month SEO audit runs $8,000, or you can expand your relationship with a monthly retainer for approximately $10,000 to $20,000 per month. 

9. Fractl

Based in Florida, Fractl is a digital marketing agency that specializes in organic growth. Fractl combines the expertise of co-founders  Kristin Tynski, Kelsey Libert, Nick Santillo, Daniel Tynski, and Brandi Santillo. They have worked with international brands and B2B SaaS companies, including Upwork, Joblist, Paychex, and Porch, to develop high-impact marketing and publisher relations strategies. 

What can you expect when working with Fractl?

  • Organic growth strategy and consulting: Fractl’s strategists get to know your business up close and personal to become trusted advisors.
  • Content development: From brief creation to publication (and beyond), Fractl creates content in line with search best practices to maximize organic growth.
  • Managed SEO: If you don’t want to be hands-on with your SEO but still want the benefits, Fractl can keep you in the know so that updates can be made quickly and easily.

Fractl’s clients can expect retainer minimums of around $15,000 per month, increasing with add-on services and more aggressive marketing directives. This agency pairs well with established businesses, particularly those with dual interests in SEO content and media relations. 

10. Brafton

Data-driven strategies have the power to transform your brand, and that’s where Brafton specializes. Their content creation services run the gamut from social media to graphic design to video production, and developing multiple types of content increases your online reach through distribution. 

  • Long-form SEO content: Lead magnets like e-books and whitepapers are a breeze for Brafton, and their content production is designed to boost your search rankings.
  • Content analytics: Brafton revs up your marketing strategy by digging into the data and combining business intelligence with content creation.
  • Video marketing: Social media videos continue to be a traffic goldmine for many businesses, and Brafton offers fully managed video production services.

Under the guidance of co-founders Tom Agnew and William Bracken, Brafton executes across verticals, from mom-and-pop shops to international enterprises. Some of their consulting services are available a la carte, but most customers find success with ongoing retainers, with project pricing ranging anywhere from $10,000 to well into six figures. 

11. Volume Nine Digital

Denver-based Volume Nine Digital has been helping brands stay relevant since 2007 when founded by Natalie Henley. In an ever-changing digital landscape, this digital marketing team keeps a finger on the pulse of marketing trends so that you don’t have to. They partner with everyone from early-stage startups needing assistance with site launch to enterprise businesses. 

Volume Nine Digital’s core offering is minimal but effective:

  • Content marketing: At Volume Nine, blog posts, thought leadership, and email marketing all live under one umbrella.
  • Social media: Take your social media to the next level with V9’s engagement strategies and paid media tactics.
  • SEO: After a thorough examination of your existing site, extensive optimization delivers measurable results.

With Volume Nine, there are no marketing packages — just custom solutions tailored to your business. Initial audits cost $2,500 with longer-term retainers available for ongoing management. 

12. Editorial Link

Founded by Dmytro Sokhach and Dmytro Tsybuliak, Editorial Link is a link-building agency headquartered in Tallinn, Estonia that knows their niche and sticks to it. By honing in on one specialty, Editorial Link guarantees a quick turnaround, placing links within 30 days. 

Let’s take a closer look at their primary service:

  • Link building: Strengthen your domain authority through reputable backlinks in widely recognized media outlets and sites with a domain rating rating of 70+ that won’t be replaced. All links will be placed with your approval, and you’ll work with a dedicated account manager.

Their most popular plan is $6,000 per month, offering 20 editorial links, with a lower-tier option and custom packages available. 

13. NextLeft

Founded in 2016 by John McKusick, NextLeft is a comprehensive digital marketing agency with a commitment to increasing acquisition, not just traffic. Plus, it’s a Certified B Corporation, which means that your marketing budget will be going somewhere that meets the highest standards of environmental sustainability.  

How does NextLeft help your customers find you? 

  • SEO: Tackling both on- and off-page SEO multiplies your chances of organic discovery.
  • Paid media: Combining PPC and paid social, NextLeft leverages paid channels to increase visibility.
  • Web development: Building a website is one thing, but NextLeft also maintains your website to keep your stunning visuals responsive and engaging.

While they don’t publicize their pricing, Clutch estimates average project costs between $50,000 and $200,000. NextLeft could be the right agency for you if you’re at a B2B SaaS company that wants to boost your brand awareness while helping out the environment. 

14. Sure Oak

Sure Oak’s fully managed SEO services take the pressure off of your in-house team. Founded by Tom Casano and based out of Brooklyn, NY, Sure Oak takes a whole-system approach to your SEO, handling everything from content development to link building. 

Sure Oak offers a proprietary solution they call The Game Plan, which includes: 

  • Keyword research: Sure Oak won’t skip this crucial first step of purposeful content planning to make sure your SEO content will perform.
  • Technical SEO: With a deep dive into your website’s performance, Sure Oak will analyze ranking factors like page speed and metadata.
  • SEO content: After assessing your current SEO weak spots, Sure Oak crafts a content strategy and creates deliverables designed to help you meet your business goals.

They offer a slew of link-building packages ranging from $2,000 to $10,000 per month, with pricing increasing for other services and more complex plans. If you’re a pre-seed or seed-stage startup, Sure Oak could kickstart your digital strategy. 

15. Cadence SEO

Like its name suggests, Cadence SEO focuses its efforts on SEO consulting with services like CRO audits, keyword research, and SEO content creation. This agency was founded by Christy Olsen and Kevin McLauchlin, bonafide SEO enthusiasts. 

When you work with Cadence SEO, you can expect: 

  • SEO audit: Cadence SEO reviews key (but often overlooked) aspects of your SEO like indexability, accessibility, and information architecture.
  • SEO content: The backbone of on-page SEO, content is a non-negotiable marketing asset that drives revenue opportunities.
  • Authority development: Combining keyword research, link building, and social media distribution, Cadence SEO reinforces your domain authority.

A free consultation with Cadence SEO can give you an inside look at where your SEO might need some help — they’ll perform a competitive analysis, take a peek at your social media, and review your website analytics to form a strategy specific to your needs. You’ll need to contact their team to get pricing for your custom package. 

Partner with Ten Speed to create revenue-driving, SEO content for your SaaS company. 

Rather than overspending on freelance content creators or building a bulky in-house team, partner with a SaaS content agency like Ten Speed to get high-quality content that converts and the revenue boost your business needs. 

Book a call with our team to discuss your growth goals and learn how Ten Speed can help you reach them.

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