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We are full-funnel
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It's about more than just the content. Our services bring together everything you need to grow your business without any of the fluff.

Our services are dialed in.

We help you create and optimize content that ranks and attracts the right audience.

SEO Content Strategy

Our content strategy is focused on improving your performance in organic search by creating content aligned with search intent and attracting your ideal customer.

Content Optimization

We optimize your existing content. Whether it requires smaller structural changes or full content rewrites and consolidating multiple posts, we help you get more out of your content.

Content Creation

If you don’t have writers in-house or simply need extra bandwidth, our team of experienced writers can create high-quality, ready-to-go content for you each month.

And we make sure your website is set up to perform and turn visitors into customers.

Technical SEO

From crawl optimization and site structure to page speed and plugins, our technical SEO support helps guide your team to provide a solid foundation for your content.

Internal Linking

We analyze all of your content and develop internal linking strategies to create a good user experience and to give priority to your most important pages and blog posts.

Conversion & Attribution

Organic traffic doesn’t pay the bills. We work with your team to identify conversion opportunities and ensure reporting is set up to properly attribute results from your content.

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Our experience is top-tier.

We have worked with some of the best companies in the world to create repeatable and predictable revenue via organic search.

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How we work with you & your team.

First, we plan.

The first thing we do with every new client is create a content optimization blueprint. It takes approximately four weeks and includes:

- a technical SEO review to ensure you have a solid foundation
- strategy calls to understand your business objectives & ideal customer
- existing content analysis to find opportunity for improvement
- competitor analysis to understand what is working in your space
- topic discovery & keyword research to find the best opportunities
- analytics review to be sure we can measure business impact
- an initial SEO content roadmap to align on a path forward

The goal of the blueprint is to get a very clear understanding of where you are currently and where you want to go so that we can create a realistic plan for how to accomplish your goals. From here, you decide if you want to do the work, have us help you with some of it, or have us do it all.

Next, we execute.

Based on the outcome of the blueprint, we’ll begin working with you on a project-based or retainer-based engagement. Each gives us a clear direction on what needs to be accomplished each month and our team will jump on it. 

We don’t just do our research and strategy work once at the beginning and then work off of aging data. We research topics each month to understand the most up-to-date details on the competitive landscape and what it will take to succeed. 

From there we create content or give your team detailed content briefs, or both! We work in a way that best fits your process and goals. Our written content and content briefs both include guidance on internal linking, special markup, headers, and recommendations for CTAs to provide contextualized conversion opportunities within the content.

Along the way, we optimize.

Another benefit to our ongoing analysis and research is that we continue to find new opportunities to optimize your content.

If we see the performance of a blog post is decaying, we’ll refresh the content. If we come across performance issues, we’ll provide our recommendations and guidance for your team to resolve them. If you release a new feature or product, we’ll help you figure out how to build internal links and adjust our roadmap to create content that can help promote it. 

No one needs another static agency, mindlessly checking off the boxes for deliverables. That’s why we operate like we’re a part of your team, in the data and adjusting along the way to help you continue to scale and hit your goals.

What our clients are saying.

"Working with Ten Speed has been a game changer for Visible. With Ten Speed, it truly feels like we have organic experts on our team. We’ve been able to efficiently grow our top of funnel like never before while we spend more time servicing our customers."

Matt Preuss
Marketing Manager, Visible

“Ten Speed makes it easy to focus on creating the best content — not puzzling over what to make next. The projects are clear, the outcome is indisputable, and the team guides you through each step of the process. It's like unlocking your finest work. If you want content that wins, you're looking for Ten Speed.”

Luke Gardner
Content Specialist, Printavo

“Implementing Ten Speed's recommendations have contributed to triple-digit increases in organic traffic, with no negative impact on our downstream conversions.”

Justine Jordan
Head of Marketing, Wildbit