Build a profitable SaaS company. Not just traffic.

Our team of former in-house experts know the difference, and create tailored SEO & content strategies built for short and long-term growth of your company.

"61% of CMOs report that they lack the in-house capabilities to deliver their strategy," according to Gartner's State of Marketing Report.

Are your content & SEO plans at risk because of this?

Bringing first-hand SaaS expertise.

Our founders built our agency’s services based on their experience as in-house SaaS leaders and advisors at well-known companies.

Creating content you'll proudly use across all of your channels.

SaaS marketing teams need content to fuel more than one distribution engine. Optimized content is no different.

Easily repurpose, recycle, and reuse the content to create the best channel-specific engagement.

Providing well-defined services within a flexible framework.

Products Improve. Companies pivot. Marketers iterate.

Our 3-month roadmap framework ensures both teams move decisively while allowing us to modify themes, topics, and positioning routinely as we gain insights that’ll help the company grow.

What it's like to work with us.




Discover your opportunity.

Before you ever spend a dollar with us, we learn about your company, product, goals, & your competitors.

Aligning our two teams on where the opportunities are to be successful & the best approaches to create short and long-term impact.




Create an ICP-focused strategy.

Once we know where the opportunity is, we establish a clear, and iterative content strategy that speaks directly to your ideal customer.

We also stay aligned with you and your team over time, to make sure we’re always building the kinds of content that have the biggest impact.


Content Creation

Content Creation

Build next-level SEO content.

Your content should be more than 7-9 keywords, and an AI-generated platitude.

We take the time to understand what makes your product special, and build the right kinds of content to give your prospects the best chance to convert at every level of your funnel.




Execute like hell.

Our robust operations team is our secret sauce. They make us not just a good content partner, but great.

We communicate what we’re doing, where we’re going, and how we’re performing, every step of the way.


Technical SEO

Technical SEO

Improve technical SEO.

To make sure the content we create performs, we make sure we have a solid foundation to build it on.

We also monitor your site health, and give guidance on how to fix any issues we find over time.




Leverage our consultative approach.

We strive to act, and feel like an extension of your marketing team.

This means if we see a chance to make improvements to on-page elements, or give guidance anywhere else, we surface that advice.

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Services matched to your content program's growth stage.

Most startups fall into one of two categories. They’re trying to start their content efforts in a meaningful way, or they’re trying to achieve scale. Here is how we think about it:


For SaaS companies with little to no content on their website, this is where we typically recommend to focus.

Attacking both short-term and long-term opportunities

Establishing a workflow that fits your team’s bandwidth

Producing MoFu/BoFu content to capture existing demand

Building authority around topics tied to your unique expertise

Growing traffic & search visibility

Aligning the SEO & content strategy with the marketing strategy

Establishing a healthy technical foundation

What's included?
To accomplish this for companies getting started, our services typically include most or all of the following:
Define & refine ICP
SEO content briefs
Research & strategy
SERP analysis per topic
Topic roadmaps
Link building
On-site optimization
Long-form content
Social content creation
Monthly strategy calls
Live metric dashboard
Reporting slides
SME intake as needed
Content built in CMS


For content teams that have an existing library of content and an understanding of how SEO and content marketing works, the focus should be on:

Achieving higher publishing volumes to increase rates of growth

Keeping existing content updated to prevent decay

Growing conversions and pipeline opportunities using contextualized CTAs

Closing content gaps and moving up funnel to reach a broader audience

Distributing and repurposing content beyond search engines

What's included?
In addition to everything included for Starters, we also work in the following areas to help companies scale faster:
Existing content audits
Content updates
Content consolidation
Content pruning
CTA/CRO guidance
Crawl optimization
Site structure advice
Advanced reporting
Robust operations
Internal linking


Check out the answers to some of our most frequently asked questions.

If you still have questions after reviewing these, click the button below to contact us and we'll be happy to help!

Can I white-label Ten Speed's services?

Given the amount of collaboration and consultation that is required for our services, we are unable to white-label our services.

Can we work with you and use our own writers?

Yes. If your internal writers have the bandwidth or your current contract writers have already been coached on important brand and product information, you can absolutely use those writers to create the content.

We'll still build strategy, the briefs, and execute the optimizations and operations to ensure best results. Because we're not creating the content in this scenario, the overall cost to you from our agency will be lower.

How does pricing work?

Pricing is based on the recommendation of services that are required for you to build a competitive content program. This ultimately is dictated by your brand's overall authority in your industry, how aggressive your content competitors are, and where your team needs additional bandwidth from our team members.

*Our average clients spend $7,000 - $20,000/mo (strategy + creation + operations + reporting) and we recommend that companies be able to allocate at least $7,000 - $10,000/month before getting started with us.

Do you only create SEO-focused content?

Long-form SEO content serves as the base content type we create for all of our clients. However, we know that an important part of any organic content marketing strategy is having a variety of other written content types to generate downloads, handouts, and e-mail sign-ups.  So in addition to optimized content we offer writing services for ebooks, guides, social copy (for distribution of content) and comparison pages.