Including your SaaS product in your content [w/ Examples]

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In this issue, we want to focus on a topic that our clients and our larger community frequently discuss:

How do you include your SaaS product in your content, specifically within your SEO-focused articles?

First things first:

We can’t emphasize enough that not every article needs to be directly tied or related to your product - after all, not all content marketing is product marketing.

Additionally, when optimizing for SEO, we have to be careful that the inclusion of your product does not change the intent of that content - jeopardizing the ability for it to rank for your target keyword(s).

However, there are strategic ways for aligning product and content that we’d like to share with you below.

Part 1: Use this product-led content wireframe based on features

Here is how the concept works:

  1. Choose a feature of your software product
  2. List out the specific problem(s) it solves for your ICP
  3. Search for keywords that have an intent related to solving that problem
  4. Create content with matching intent
  5. Connect that content in a contextualized way for SEO authority and UX
  6. Have that content lead back to your product or that feature

Almost every software feature for your product will map to an SEO-focused content funnel that ensures your product makes it into that content.👇

Product-Led Content Wireframe Across The Funnel (Updated) (1)

***We understand that people rarely move straight from a top-of-funnel piece to your BoFu pieces.

However, exploring the funnel still serves as a framework for building a comprehensive library of content that supports your ICP wherever they are in the buying journey.

Part 2: Types of content that are most conducive to including products

ToFu list articles about specific challenges - Your ICP likely has challenges. After all, why would your software product exist if it wasn’t hypothetically built to solve these problems?

Creating content that addresses challenges and provides solutions for particular verticals and professions lets you mention your product.

It might be as simple as a quick inline CTA to your product or including a video/image embed of your product directly providing the solution.

ToFu/MoFu how-to articles - If you’re interested in removing the guesswork for your ICP, directly showcase the exact steps for solving their problems.

This allows you to showcase your expertise and your generosity while incorporating (either slyly or overtly) exactly where in the mix of those steps your product comes into play. Video and screenshots from your product UI are especially helpful on this type of content.

MoFu list articles about products and alternatives - You’ve seen these types of SEO strategies popularized by companies like G2 and Capterra that create lists for “best x software.”

It might initially feel funny to put yourself on a list, but we wouldn’t recommend it if they didn’t work. The intent behind these articles drives consistent traffic and meaningful conversions.

Pro Tip:  Give your competitors props for what they’re good at while controlling the narrative around what your product does best and who it’s for.

BoFu “Vs.” or comparison pages - As your brand grows and to take advantage of more popular brands/products you compete against, build comparison pages.

Discuss all the juicy details from specs and pricing comparisons to pros, cons, and reviews of each product. These are a goldmine for SEO and should help your sales team too.

Part 3: Examples of companies doing this well

1) ToFu list article: Teamwork


2) MoFu how-to content w/ product screenshots & video: Ahrefs


3) MoFu best and alternative lists: Range


4) BoFu "VS" or comparison page w/product specs: Screencastify


5) Putting their product/connections in their content: Zapier


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