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SEO content strategy that you can actually understand

Ten Speed automatically analyzes your website data to surface content opportunities for rapid traffic growth.

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How It Works

Ten Speed brings together all of the best parts of SEO tools, strategy consulting, and content marketing agencies into one convenient and effective service.

Critical Business Context

We understand growth marketing. We work with you to learn about your ICPs and personas, key marketing channels, and critical metrics to ensure that we are aligned with your marketing priorities.

Automatic Data Analysis

It all starts with your traffic data. Our tech-enabled process automatically sifts through your website analytics and search console data to uncover every possible growth opportunity each month.

Smarter Competitive Research

Be better than the competition. We understand how search engines work. Our tools allow us to understand why content wins and loses so we can guide you to create the best content possible.

Detailed Content Briefs

Ensure your content will rank. Our highly-structured and detailed content briefs will leave no question about what content your writers should be creating, how it should be structured, and what it will take to rank.

Monthly Strategy Calls

We’re there for you. Monthly check-ins give you and your team confidence that we’re focused in the right areas and provide structured time to discuss SEO & content strategy every month.

Live Dashboards

Performance data when you need it. We understand that monthly static spreadsheet reporting doesn’t cut it. You need up-to-date performance data readily available, so that’s what we give you with our live dashboards.

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